Screen Buyers Like A Property Valuations Adelaide Real Estate Agent

Filtering potential buyers of your property is essential! Indeed, if you sell your house or apartment between individuals, one of the main problems you will encounter is that after posting your ad on or PAP, you will receive a lot of emails and calls from people “interested”. 

The concern is that among these people, few are really , and as a seller, you don’t want to show your property to tourists . This is a concern that many people encounter, especially when they are selling for the first time. At best, it wastes time and energy. At worst, it ruins the sale.

We’re going to screen the buyers , like a real estate agent would . No formula is 100% sure and even a seasoned agent could miss a few tourists. But with work and a few well-rounded questions, we’ll get rid of a lot of them.

You must help buyers to project themselves as well as possible into your property to be sure that when they contact you to visit, they are convinced that the property corresponds to them.

First, all of your contact with buyers should be by phone . Don’t show someone you’ve just emailed. If the person contacted you by email, redirect them to a phone call to “arrange a visit”. Someone serious will always take the trouble to chat on the phone.

After the first filter of the detailed ad, you will therefore be able, through this set of questions, to determine if these potential buyers could really buy your property or if you are going to waste your time.

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